Interactive books and apps for kids

We have been publishing storybook apps for children since 2011 and lots have changed – especially our catalogue. It is still small but we do select the books published with care as it takes us two years in average to complete the development of a new title:

  • state-of-the art illustrations and great storytelling made for the tablet: we collaborate with seasoned author-illustrators and translators of children’s literature;
  • non-standard formats provided by original navigation, hidden, out-of-screen illustrations, “unfolding” storytelling…
  • pattern and texture play:  blue monochrome drawing in cross-hatch, stunning fabric and paper collages to maximise the haptic experience ;
  • a soft, poetic atmosphere thanks to a combination of brilliant text, gorgeous illustrations, multimedia items (voice-over, music and sounds) and animations;
  • no ‘gimmick’ animation: no cartoons or pictures loaded with animations that disturb the attention from the story.

Our main objective is to share a special moment with our small readers. The short bedtime story with Mum, the tale read by Dad, the epic adventures orated by Grandpa or princess stories whispered by Grandma… so many cherished moments that will become fond memories as your little one grows up!