header-logo-2We follow the Know What’s Inside® (ex. Moms With Apps) best practices for kids’ apps. We respect and value your privacy and that of your children:

Our apps generally contain NO ads, in-app purchases, push notifications, tracking, or any data collection whatsoever.

They do contain a link to our website and – sometimes – to that of the author/illustrator for more information as well as social media buttons (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube…).

They also contain a link to email us for comments, feedback or help. Please note that we will not share your emails with third-parties. However, they may be stored on our server to keep track of our correspondance for our FAQs archives. You have access to your information at any time by contacting us hereafter.


For a detailed list of our app features:

External links
– CotCotCot website Yes
– CotCotCot email NO
– the author / illustrator website NO
– social media buttons NO
– share with a friend NO
– news about upcoming apps Not Yet
Links to the App Store
– In App Purchasing  NO
– Links to other CotCotCot apps  NO
– Link to Shape Up description  NO
– Gift to a friend  NO
– Rate the app  NO
– Advertising  NO
– Required log-ins or registrations in order for the app to work  NO
– Push notifications  NO
– Any integrations of third-party SDKs  NO
– Any tracking of user data or analytics  NO